50′ Viking Sport Cruiser VSC Princess Yacht – SOLD

The 50′ Viking Sport Cruiser is a luxurious high-performance mid-sized English motor yacht. It is a very popular and classic model with a long production run from 2001-2010.

Viking Sport Cruiser 50
ABOVE: JAWS II visiting Stuart, Florida in February 2017. Refit incomplete.

There are ten pages of refit details below if you are seriously interested in purchasing a Viking Sport Cruiser. There is no other boat like it. Over $550,000 was spent on refit during 2015-2019. New work is ongoing. JAWS II is a 2002 50′ Viking Sport Cruiser flybridge motor yacht. Refit is a boating term used to describe repairs or renovation.

The flybridge helm before and (almost) after pics. The flybridge helm has been completed. This boat has been extensively renovated throughout. See details at the bottom of this page and the other eight pages below. There is no other Viking Princess like JAWS II.

This classic Viking Yacht is for sale

An extensive, detailed list of all new work from 2015-2019 is provided towards the bottom of this page. Please scroll down if this particularly interests you. The list price of a comparable 2019 Viking Princess is $1,800,000.

Price:  Offers are welcome. You should really see JAWS II.
(646) 470-1565
Location: Mamaroneck, NY (North side of Western Long Island Sound).

Viking Princess Yachts renovated salon
New leather couches and lower helm seats. New carpet and flooring.

An explanation of names: Viking Yachts, Princess Yachts and Viking Sport Cruisers (VSC)

In 1995 Viking Yachts, legendary for building sport fishing boats, saw increasing U.S. demand for a sporty European motor yacht. Viking partnered with the high-end U.K. builder, Princess Yachts, to bring their boats into the U.S. under the Viking brand. It was named the Viking Sport Cruiser (VSC). Thus in 1996 the first Viking Sport Cruiser was imported into the U.S. By the later 1990’s this collaboration expanded to 13 models from 40′ to 84′. Beginning in model year 2011 Viking and Princess changed the Viking Sport Cruiser name back to Princess Yachts for all boats imported into the Western Hemisphere. Princess’s parent company, luxury-goods powerhouse LVMH, owns many brands including Louis Vuitton, De Beers, and Feadship Yachts. As of 2017 Viking Sport Cruisers continues as the distributor under the Viking Yachts umbrella to import Princess Yachts.

JAWS II Refit – Table of Contents:
1 – Home Page – 50′ Viking Princess Yachts
2 – General Photos and Layout
3 – Twin Turbocharged Volvo Penta Diesels
4 – Generator, Drive Shafts and Props
5 – Electrical and Thrusters
6 – Plumbing
7 – Exterior and Hull
8 – Interior
9 – About the Owner
* – Refit List
$ – Purchase

JAWS II 50 Viking Princess Yachts refit
ABOVE: JAWS II 50 Viking Princess at Rybovich Shipyard in Palm Beach Sep 2016. The owner is standing at the far right.

Viking Motor Yachts share a unique lineage with legendary blue-water Viking Convertibles that are built for ocean fishing far offshore (List price of a similarly-sized 2018 Viking Convertible is $2,700,000). Therefore Viking Motor Yachts are built to higher construction standards and for better performance underway. This becomes particularly important to recreational boaters when sea conditions change for the worse. A lesser boat with a huge-volume interior and all the bells and whistles is more likely to take a beating. You will feel it too.

Viking Convertible 52
ABOVE: A 52 Viking Convertible 2002 is shown crashing through a wave as intended.

There are many benefits to owning a motor yacht intended for family cruising rather than a convertible intended for offshore fishing. These benefits include more comfortable living accommodations and half the fuel consumption per nautical mile. In conclusion, a motor yacht with “convertible DNA” offers the best of all worlds for recreational boating.

Length:  50 feet
Beam:  14 feet 5 inches
Maximum Draft:  3 ft 8 in
Deadrise at Transom:  19 degrees*
Dry Weight:  33,600 lbs (approx 40,000 lbs with fuel & water)
Gross Tonnage: 26.44
Fuel:  500 gallons diesel
Engines:  Twin turbocharged Volvo Penta 675 hp D-12’s with 1200 hours. (This is an upgrade from standard 450 hp engines. The larger engines make the boat 6 knots faster.).
Thrusters:  Side-Power SE95 24V in bow (new replacement in 2015) and Side-Power SE100 24V in stern (new addition in 2018) with twin joy stick controls. 
Transmissions:  Twin ZF 311A transmissions with a 1.501 ratio.
Generator:  Onan 11.5 Kw (upgraded replacement in 2015 from original Onan 9.5 Kw unit)
Cruising Speed:  28 knots (32 mph)
Maximum Speed:  30 knots (35 mph)
Accommodations:  Sleeps 6 people.  2 staterooms with Queen beds & 2 full heads. In addition the opposing sofas in the salon can be combined to form a King bed.
Bridge Clearance:  18’2″**

*Deadrise at Transom describes if the underwater part of a boat is shaped more like a sharp- or dull-knife. A sharp knife can cut through waves at higher speed with less pounding. However a dull knife will pound through a wave at higher speed. Pounding through waves is more likely to hurt your back, neck or knees. This is why a boat with a large interior volume and greater beam may be a bad choice if you plan to use your boat anywhere other than on a quiet lake. A Cigarette boat will typically have 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom. An express cruiser will typically have 17-20 degrees of deadrise at the transom. A flybridge motor yacht (typically with a large interior volume) will typically have 13-16 degrees of deadrise at the transom. A bulky heavy boat may have a deadrise below 10 degrees but it may not pound at all because it is built for slow speed. JAWS II is a flybridge motor yacht built upon an express cruiser hull. Its 19 degrees of deadrise is built for high speed performance.

**Bridge Clearance:  Many new boats of a similar length are built higher to accommodate a master stateroom under the salon. This can increase the bridge clearance by two feet or more. JAWS II‘s lower bridge clearance makes traveling easier where there are many bridges. This is true, for example, on the Intracoastal Waterway or on The Great Loop where the maximum bridge clearance is 19’1″.

ABOVE: 1) The Flybridge Deck comprises the area above the salon, galley and cockpit. There is a companion seat next to the driver, U-shaped seating around a large table and lounge pads aft where two or three people can sunbathe. The flybridge can comfortably accommodate a dozen people. 2) The Lower Deck includes two staterooms with Queen beds and two heads on either side of the hallway. The engine room is shown to the left of the middle stateroom. Not shown: The lazarette is below the cockpit seating. It is a generous storage area that instead could have been built to include a small bed and bathroom for a captain. 3) The Main Deck includes the salon with two opposing sofas that mate to form a King bed. The galley is to the right of the small sofa. The cockpit seating is shown on the left.
The flybridge comprises the area above the salon, galley and cockpit seating in the rear. It can comfortably accommodate a dozen people.
ABOVE: Overall view of the 50′ Viking Princess. Note there are also lounge pads in the bow. (Note: The sistership in this photo does not have a Bimini top).

Click this link to see a video of a comparable 50 Viking Princess Yacht.

Many consider the 50 Viking Princess Yacht to offer an ideal balance between boat-like performance and flybridge motor yacht luxury*. This balance includes:

Length to Beam ratio* (excluding pulpit):  3.5
Horsepower to Dry Weight ratio:  0.04
Dry Weight to Horsepower ratio: 24.88
Hull:  solid fiberglass non-cored hull (not balsa-cored)
Center of Gravity (COG)**:  moderate height above the waterline, moderate freeboard and a lightweight Bimini top
Windage**:  moderate freeboard and an open flybridge without a plastic window enclosure
Performance***:  seaworthy and fast Bernard Olesinski hull with excellent fuel economy

* Most boats have a length to beam ratio of 3.0. A slender boat with a ratio of 3.5 gives up interior volume to offer a gentler ride in bigger waves. For example a Cigarette-class boat will have a length to beam ratio of 4, 5 or even higher. Do you want a floating condo or a performance motor yacht? Do you want to be comfortable traveling in choppy waves?

** Many new boats are built higher (2′ higher on a 50 footer!) to accommodate a third full beam stateroom under the raised salon. This raises the Center of Gravity (COG) and causes greater Windage. A boat with a higher COG can rock more when traveling or at a dock. It will also be more likely to tip over in rough weather. The significant extra weight of a flybridge hardtop also raises the COG. A boat with greater windage will be blown more by the wind. This can decrease fuel economy and make docking difficult on a windy day. Enclosing a flybridge with plastic windows also significantly adds to windage. An open flybridge with a lower helm that offers excellent visibility offers much better performance. A flybridge enclosed in plastic is also not aesthetically ideal.

*** Click on links below for references:
1. Sorensen’s Guide to Powerboats: How to Evaluate Design, Construction, and Performance
2. The Elements of Boat Strength: For Builders, Designers, and Owners

Princess Viking Sport Cruiser Flybridge
The flybridge on JAWS II can accommodate a dozen people.

Straight shaft propulsion vs pod drive propulsion
Traditional straight shaft propulsion offers simpler & much less costly long-term maintenance than pod drives like IPS or Zeus. In addition the repair costs for striking an underwater object are much higher for pod drives because most of the motor is exposed below the hull. On a trip you could be stuck in an unknown marina for weeks or months waiting for specialized repairs to your pod drives instead of having the local mechanic rebalance the dinged prop on your shaft drive boat.

The high cost of pod drive maintenance is much greater than the fuel cost savings pod drives offer for the vast majority of boat owners who use their boats for 50-150 engine hours per season. Ask your mechanic about the high annual maintenance costs for pods including the recommended service at five and ten years. The resale value of your boat will be affected by the cost of the recommended service at five and ten years even if you don’t plan to own your boat for more than a few years.

Very few mechanics have the skills, computers and tools necessary to repair pod drives. Ask your mechanic who can repair your pod drives if you damage them locally or while on a family boating vacation. Discover the distance a pod specialty mechanic is from places you plan to visit on boating family vacations. Ask how long these repairs can take and how much these repairs could cost. Many knowledgeable owners of motor yachts prefer straight shaft propulsion with bow and stern thrusters. Two thrusters facilitate straight shaft docking like pod drives without the many hassles pod drives present.

Princess Yachts Viking Sport Cruiser lower helm visibility
The lower helm on JAWS II offers uncommonly excellent visibility. A flybridge covered with unsightly plastic windows is not needed.
Princess Yachts 52
Compare the visibility of this other boat brand to the lower helm visibility of JAWS II. The roof blocks forward and side views. Imagine driving at night or in rain. It is not uncommon for these boats to be driven while standing on the helm seat and steering with one’s feet. This boat owner has had to do just that driving friend’s boats.

2020 refit:
* Repair, replace or recover all discolored cherry wood cabinetry throughout boat.
* New headliners in both staterooms and salon.
* New fitted comforters, bed linens, pillows & pillowcases for both beds.
* Paint entire lower helm.

2019 refit:
* New black & white bow cushions with adjustable back rest and knee support.
* New white stamoid bow cushion cover.
* New Phifertex tight weave black windshield cover.
* New black vinyl wrap on windshield edges.
* New vinyl wall replacement for both staterooms and hallway.
* New carpet for both staterooms and hallway.
* Dri-deck installed beneath carpet in both staterooms and hallway for proper air circulation.
* New bow hatch trim vinyl replacement.
* New drapes & mildew resistant lining for all drapes including salon and both staterooms.
* New blue fabric trim around beds in both staterooms.
* New vinyl headboard covers for beds in both staterooms.
* New 30-ton Dometic HVAC condenser, two Dometic evaporators & Oberdorfer HVAC pump for the salon.
* New macerator discharge pump.
* New oil change pump.
* New Yamaha stereo amplifier for the salon and a new separate amplifier for the subwoofer.
* New leather side panels were placed framing both starboard and port windows in the salon.
* New light switches were placed in the hallway.
* New, increased capacity fresh water pump.

2018 refit:
* New vacuum gauges for dual Racor fuel filters on each engine.
* Installation of CCTV with cloud recording and a phone app.
* Installation of new engine temperature senders for both engines.
* New starboard engine starter.
New Atwood shower sump pump.
* New leather for both couches and helm seats in salon.
* The leather headliner above the lower helm was replaced.
* New teak flooring and carpeting in salon.
* New Garmin B150 transducer depth finder.
* LED lights replace all halogens throughout the entire interior and exterior.
* Replacing wall coverings & refinishing cherry cabinets as needed.
* An antique seven-wood pram dinghy was installed on chocks on the swim platform. A black Ferrari Stamoid cover was made to match the flybridge Bimini.
* A Side-Power SE 10024 IP stern thruster was added with two dedicated batteries. This works in conjunction with the existing Side-Power bow thruster. Dual joystick controllers were added at both helms for the bow & stern thrusters .
* Replace muffler drain valves for both engines.
* Bottom paint including props and shafts. Full wax topsides.
* Replace all batteries including for engines, generator & house.
* Replace all remaining HVAC lines. This completed the 2017 HVAC project that replaced all HVAC drain lines.
* Paint engine room floor.
* New 250′ anchor chain. Dri-Deck placed in the chain locker to facilitate chain drying after wash down. New Lewmar windlass motor was replaced in 2017.
* The entire fire suppression system passed inspection.
* The flybridge windscreen refit is complete.

2017 refit:
* New dashboard panels were placed on the flybridge and lower helm.
* All gauges and rocker switches were replaced on the flybridge.
* All electronics were replaced for the flybridge and lower helm so they all communicate. Some of the electronics replacements are listed separately below. The boat previously had different electronics brands (Garmin, Raytheon, Simard Roberson, Northstar) that did not communicate.
* Two new Garmin 7612xsv 12″ touch screen GPS Chartplotter/Radars. The Garmin xHD open array radar was replaced in 2015.
* A Garmin Grid remote control was added at the lower helm so the captain can remain seated while controlling the Garmin GPS Chartplotter/Radar.
* Two new Garmin Reactor Autopilots with GHP 20, heading sensor, course computer and shadow drive. In addition a new Garmin hydraulic pump, GHP20 Control Head and Garmin Rudder Feedback Sensor were added at the rudder.
* Four new Raymarine ST50 Tridata units. Two at each helm.
* Two new Icom M-506 VHF radios,
* Two new Sea-Fire fire suppression system monitors.
* New GPS antenna.
* New Shakespeare 5225 VHF antenna.
* A separate Clarion stereo with bluetooth was added to the flybridge with four new speakers. Now different music can simultaneously play in each stateroom, salon and flybridge so parents and teenagers can get along.
* All wiring was been completely removed and replaced from the FB to the engines and/or the lower helm. This includes new throttles and wiring harness home runs directly to the engines.
* Replaced both Electronic Control Units that are the brains of the engines. The ECUs collect and process signals from various on-board sensors. An ECU electronic module contains microprocessors, memory units, analog to digital converters and output interface units. This info is relayed to the two Volvo 4” digital engine displays.
* Two Volvo 4″ digital engine displays were added to the lower helm. These gauges provide much more detail about engine function beyond idiot lights
* Completion of 1,000 service for engines and generator (including removing and servicing all six heat exchangers or coolers for both engines and transmissions)
* Replace Volvo Penta Electronic Diesel Control EDC at both helms
* Replace interior halogen lights with LEDs
* Replace hailer and searchlight on brow
* Replace temperature sensors on both engines
* Replace Newmar battery charger
* Stainless steel salon door was removed from the frame for lubrication
* Replace stainless steel lock in salon door
* Complete removal of SS rub rail to caulk hull to deck joint & replace bolts
* Addition of ten courtesy LED lights with dimmer on flybridge
* Replace #5 & 6 bilge pumps and switches
* Paint flybridge & radar arch
* Place rigid connectors to stabilize radar mast in rough seas
* Repair or replace blinds throughout boat
* Repair main lower helm breaker panel cover
* Replace HVAC drain manifold and all drain lines outboard.
* Replace foil wrap insulation in engine room & lazarette
* Replace anchor windlass motor
* Replace all sanitation lines with high-end SeaLand brand
* Replace both sanitation Vacuflush pumps
* Replace Bimini with Ferrari Stamoid and strengthen bows with six cross-bars
* Replace flybridge compass
* Refinish galley floor
* Replace flybridge trim tab buttons
* Replaced bilge pump #6 & float switch
* Repowder coat table stand on flybridge
* Repair chip on settee
* Place Dri-Deck beneath new upholstery for the entire exterior (cushions for bow, cockpit & flybridge)
* Placed Dri-Deck below all FB lockers to keep dry all stowed items like PFDs
* New Stamoid cover for cockpit seats, FB dashboard and FB lounge pads
* Refinish steering wheel on flybridge
* Replace plastic Viking logo in both steering wheels with teak
* Replace all wiper blade assemblies
* Replace HVAC control board in salon

2016 refit:
* Obtain all boat manuals
* Service Fireboy fire safety equipment
* Major service on generator
* Replace two frozen thru-hulls valves
* Dry clean all soft goods
* Repair stereo in salon & replaced all speakers on flybridge
* Replace TVs, DVD players & stereos in both staterooms
* Addition of new cabinetry behind salon TV & both stateroom TVs
* Service all three HVAC units
* Silicone side main windows & sliders
* Replace headboard fabric in both staterooms
* Reprogram autopilot
* Replace buttons & repaired control panel on upper helm dash
* Addition of VHF extender
* Repair port engine room extractor fan
* Repair lock on salon door
* Repair fiberglass where needed
* Paint boot stripe
* Addition of dual DC phone charger on flybridge
* Repair or replace broken hooks & clasps in cockpit
* Repair cabinetry as needed
* Repair all lighting
* Replace water supply sender and gauge
* Replace fresh water pump
* Replace hailer
* Replace broken exhaust fan switch in VIP head
* Replace broken exhaust fan in master head
* Replace toilet seats and lids and & added toilet paper holders in both heads
* Replace windshield wipers & replaced washer lines
* New BBQ

2015 refit:
* Main engines and generator 1,000 hour service including sea water pump (This service flushed but did not remove heat exchangers at that time. All heat exchangers were removed and thoroughly serviced in 2017 – see above & section on engines for photos.)
* Replace original 9.5 Kw generator with a 11.5 Kw generator
* New dual Racor 900 fuel filters with vacuum gauges for both engines
* Addition of Algae X fuel system
* New Racor 500 fuel filter for generator
* New D’Angelo exhausts for both engines
* New thru-hulls & hoses for both engines & generator
* New bottles, head units & service for Fireboy fire suppressing system
* Six new 12 volt Deka maintenance free batteries
* New Garmin Map 4010 – GPS/Plotter/HD radar
* New Garmin forward facing sonar
* New Side-Power SE95 24 VDC bow thruster & new batteries
* New turbo for starboard engine
* Paint most of the boat
* Replace SMX controls for all three CruiseAir HVAC zones & service
* New interior upholstery, headliner, carpet & two new beds
* New upholstery for the entire exterior (cushions for bow, cockpit & flybridge)
* New septic system for both heads including new septic lines & VacuFlush pumps
* New septic holding tank discharge pump
* New Burl wood lower helm dashboard
* Mirrored window treatment
* New stereo for salon & flybridge
* New underwater lights
* New ice maker in cockpit
* New hot water tank
* New teak in cockpit & swim platform
* Rebed windshield

JAWS II in Delray Beach, Florida.
JAWS II in Delray Beach, Florida. Dec 2016. Refit incomplete. Note the original white Bimini that was subsequently replaced with black Ferrari Stamoid.

Honorable mention:

Gary Thayer Boatbuilder and Carpenter
Stuart, FL
(904) 753-9314

Mamaroneck Boats and Motors
Mamaroneck, NY
Scott Deuterman
(914) 698-2500

Carthom Upholstery Corp
New Rochelle, NY
Carlos Florentino
(914) 633-0061

East Coast Bow Thruster
(Stern thrusters too!)
(508) 995-7000
Joe Molinaro

Sea-Curity Marine Security & Electronics
Lindenhurst, NY
Frank Regan
(631) 226-1616

Birely Marine Surveying
Palm Beach, FL
Doug Birely
(954) 646-7219

Johnstons Marine Engine Services
Palm Beach, FL
Neil Johnston
(954) 448-0813

Marine Plumbing Company
Palm Beach, FL
(561) 841-3000

C-Worthy Custom Yacht Canvas
Palm Beach, FL
Mike Banas
(954) 784-7370

Total Marine Cosmetics Inc. Boat Detailing
Delray Beach, FL
Tyler Carlton
(954) 226-2866

JAWS II Refit – Table of Contents:
1 – Home Page – 50′ Viking Princess Yachts
2 – General Photos and Layout
3 – Twin Turbocharged Volvo Penta Diesels
4 – Generator, Drive Shafts and Props
5 – Electrical and Thrusters
6 – Plumbing
7 – Exterior and Hull
8 – Interior
9 – About the Owner
$ – Purchase